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Hey guys, just an FYI thread.

So, I have a 2000 Duratec, and here's my experience with Felpro UIM and LIM gaskets.

So, my car developed a bad misfire (like a coil going bad or spark plug). It has 167k miles on that set of gaskets, and 167k miles on the coils and 10k on the plugs, (and a lot more on the chassis :D). So, I flipped the misfiring cylinder, (#4) coil and plug with #5 coil and plug and waited. When the misfire code came back, it was cylinder #4 again, so coil and the plug ruled out. However, I checked my plugs, I discovered they were gapped to the Vulcan .044 specs, not the .052-.056 for the Duratec, so I picked up a new set of Motorcraft platinums just to be safe.

Then, when removing the UIM and LIM (for safety sake) I decided to pick up new gaskets because I suspected they were the cause of the misfire. Felpro brand for $12 at Autozone. I found that 2 of the 6 gaskets didn't even come close to fitting in the hole of the UIM. LIM gaskets were all perfect. The other 4 UIMs were perfect fits, but I thought, well it's 11 at night and, I'll be okay, as long as I get the thing seated properly. I stuffed the gaskets inside (made note of which ones were poor fitting) and made sure they all stayed in when I reinstalled the UIM. Afterwards, I fired up the car and it was good. I went home (installed at work which is an auto shop).

The whole drive home was perfect, no hiccups, misfires, or anything, so I was pleased.

Then today, the car started misfiring (not as badly) again, and I checked the CEL code that popped up. They were the same cylinders that the bad fitting gaskets went into. :angry: So, out they have to come today and back to Autozone for a new kit....

So, words of advice, have a ride available in case not all of them fit. If possible, take the UIM to Autozone and make sure all the gaskets match up. Or, just buy a better brand spend the extra dough.


Happy motoring!
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