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I finally got the infinity speakers I picked up on ebay dirt cheap installed - here's what I got:


I installed them yesterday and used my stock head unit - I got the wiring harness adaptors so I didn't have to destroy the factory wiring - and they sound incredible! I was very impressed.
With my subs and these speakers my system sounds incredible (IMHO) even with the factory HU. I had one infinity hooked up and one stock speaker on the back and listened to them next to each other and sounds were coming out of the infinity that weren't even coming out of the stock speaker at all. It is amazing how much of a difference there is in the quality of the speakers. There is none of that ear-piercing "loudness" anymore if you know what I mean.

Now I want to get two more of these speakers for the front - I put these in the back - does anybody know what size speakers are in the front doors on Gen 4's? I don't want to have to tear the door panel off to find out
I believe it was said before that it is 6x8's all around, which I hope is true so I can just put the same model infinitys in the front, too.


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I found with Inifnity reference sounds ok but there Kappa line is just worth the extra you pay...i have a pair just like those except the kappa line...they were definately worth every penny i paid for em which was only like $60 i think

I had infinties all around my gen 2 and luckly most survived after the accident except for those...the tweaters broke off and although they superglue back on i didnt get the angle right or soemthing

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Originally posted by T-3@Dec 30 2003, 08:08 PM
Get some CDT Audio Classic Series 6.5" Components. They are worth it.
I have not heard these, but everyone who has them swears by them. That is, if you are a fan of silk dome. Titanium/aluminum tweeters are generally much more precise, but silk dome are softer and generally don't give you the harsh brightness that many metal ones do.
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