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I'm Going To Cry

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My car tonight dropped a bomb on me...it matains 300-400rpm while idaling, and dies when put into gear unless I hold the gas in. The car was fine driving too wrok, driving out to get lunch, and then suddenly this started as I left for the night...

My car is now stuck in springfield over night till I can meet a tow in the morning to take it to ford...whom may be the ones responcible, as I JUST got my 45k done a tank ago. Nothing obvious other then a smell of some nasty fluid cooking(couldn't find a leek try as I might) and the lack of idaling.

*goes off to destract himself from depression with snack food and video games because he can't sleep*
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This has happened to me too. A couple of times, maybe 2 or 3 times. They happened about 6 months or so apart from each other. I didn't know what to do. Every time I put it in gear the car stalls out. So, (with my cleaver thinking) I decide to put in nutral and give it some gas (around 3000rpms, so I know it wouldn't stall out) and slap it in D.

It hasn't happened again (knock on wood), so I didn't have to get it serviced to find out what the problem was.
Have you tried simple things like disconnect battery and let EEC reset, or let car sit for a day or two than try and start it?? Just hoping it was a freak occurence
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