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I'm Going To Cry

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My car tonight dropped a bomb on me...it matains 300-400rpm while idaling, and dies when put into gear unless I hold the gas in. The car was fine driving too wrok, driving out to get lunch, and then suddenly this started as I left for the night...

My car is now stuck in springfield over night till I can meet a tow in the morning to take it to ford...whom may be the ones responcible, as I JUST got my 45k done a tank ago. Nothing obvious other then a smell of some nasty fluid cooking(couldn't find a leek try as I might) and the lack of idaling.

*goes off to destract himself from depression with snack food and video games because he can't sleep*
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uh huh... I knew those 15.1 sec 1/4 mile runs would catch up to you!!!


I'm with Bob, it's probably something simple, but the cooked fluid smell worries me. Cars with low mileage can develop problems too.

I'm just wiating for mine to do something bad. I'm betting my tranny will crater first. <knocks on wood>
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