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Illuminated Entry System

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Hey all, I asked this before, but I didn't get many responses, so I'm gonna try again, and I'm gonna keep it short.

On my LX, I have something called the Illuminated Entry System, in which if either of the two front door's handles are pulled while the doors are locked or the key fob is used to open the doors, the interior lights as well as touchpad light up. Well, while my Fob still lights up everything, my doors have ceased working. Neither handle will start the lights, and it's getting on my nerves (it's not a necessary feature, but an appreciated one.) The fact that both doors failed at the same time leads me to believe that a connection under the dash is the problem, but I've poured over my wiring diagrams and checked every concievable fuse and I can't find a reference or problem. Can anyone suggest a plug somewhere under the dash that may be the culprit, or reference a wiring diagram label that would correspond to the Illuminated Entry System?
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That is so awesome, thank you so much! So, basically, I have to find a purple wire with a light green stripe and make sure it's plugged in. That won't be hard, what with all the wires down there stock along with the wires from my cd changer (nightmare, ugh.)

This is really good to have, though, thanks! I dont know how I missed that, I seriously was staring at the diagrams from Chilton and Ford for hours. I guess Haynes is the one to have (I lost my Haynes). I owe ya!
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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