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The car: 1997 Mercury Sable GS, Duratec engine, AX4N tranny, only 45,600 miles.

I have three problems with the car:

1.- Idle engine speed drops to about 600 rpm or so while idling either in neutral or in gear (D). The car never stalls though.

2.- When really pushing it, the car will hesitate just a little when accelerating. This condition is present when accelerating, the tranny is in second gear at 4,000 rpm.

3.- After driving for a while, say 20 to 30 minutes in traffic (my commutes are seldom longer than that), I have a loud noise coming from the rear when I turn right, like if some part was rubbing against another. I took it to the guys who replaced my brake pads (the car has 4 wheel disk brakes) and they fixed it for a while but the noise has return twice. Before I take the car to the shop again, I'd like to take with me a set of suggestions and intelligent questions on that matter.

4.- Last question: what are the initial symptoms of a slipping tranny?

My mileage is ok considering that I drive in heavy traffic and mostly on grades down with speed bumps, and then on the way back home it's all the way up the hills again, so a dismal 14.1 mpg is not that bad at all, also considering that I live 7,000 feet above the sea level.

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