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I'm going to post my setup of thump on a budget.

360 watt 12" Fusion Bass cannon (amp is included)
Cost me $150 at stereo city in chattanooga.
Had the thing installed at ultimate sounds for $140 WITH the bass knob up front.

Paid around 10 bucks for a piece of plywood to fit in the trunk and anchor the big beast down to keep it from rolling around in the trunk (had this happen, tore my remote wire to hell, not to worry though if this happens its a standard 4 or 6 wire phone cable. A pair of crimpers and a couple of RJ-11 bugs later and you're good to go if it happens. (the cable is NOT twisted pair. They are flat and can only go 1 of 2 ways, check your other end to match colors.)

Paid 25 bucks for a pair of Dual brand trichannel 6X9's on sale at wally world for the back speakers leaving the front stock speakers. (didn't feel like tearing my door down to get to the speakers.)

Paid $100 for a Pioneer DEH-11E single CD deck with aux input (for ipod and MP3 players sake)

$60 dollars later I had a dash kit and was taking the environmental controls out to put into the new panel.
(btw the wiring harness comes with a copious ammount of copper wire to run to the trunk amp already installed.

Once you get it running right you will just about beat the mirror off your windshield with the right song.

Young Jeezy has a song called "So Sad"
Eminem has a song called "No Love"
Both of them beat harder than anything I have put in it so far.

Remember the sub needs to face the back end of the car.
I had a buddy argue it needs to face the cab, I went ahead and flipped it around and he was shocked that I actually knew better than him.
The air porthole is on the back near the amp.

You have a Nice sound system for just under $500
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