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I Want To Have Cassette & Cd In '03 Se

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I have a '03 SE with a AM/FM Cassette in the dash. Can any of you audio buffs confirm that this will work.
I am adding a CD/Radio that will be in a remote location-it is not a Ford changer, it's a regular JVC unit.
Here's what I want to do-I want to tap the speaker wires just before they go into the factory tuner/amp in the trunk. I do understand that I will need to avoid having both radios on at the same time.
I know that the speaker wires are in the harness on the left side of the factory tuner as it sits in the trunk. But-there are more than 8 wires in that group...what do the other wires do? Could I pick up 12v power constant/switched and a ground back there also? If not...should I just plan on tapping the fuse box above and left of the brake pedal?
Thanks guys.
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I know the wire colours on the g3, not sure about the g4.

You cannot tap into the lines before the RCU, because the RCU in the back effectively *is* the radio and the amp.

If you want both your best bet is to get a CD changer.
Ah, I see what you're saying. yes, you can do that, it'll work.

You may have to go with a bigger fuse in your panel though, depending on how much power the deck takes. But I got 2 amps remote wire connected to that so it should be okay.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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