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I Want To Have Cassette & Cd In '03 Se

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I have a '03 SE with a AM/FM Cassette in the dash. Can any of you audio buffs confirm that this will work.
I am adding a CD/Radio that will be in a remote location-it is not a Ford changer, it's a regular JVC unit.
Here's what I want to do-I want to tap the speaker wires just before they go into the factory tuner/amp in the trunk. I do understand that I will need to avoid having both radios on at the same time.
I know that the speaker wires are in the harness on the left side of the factory tuner as it sits in the trunk. But-there are more than 8 wires in that group...what do the other wires do? Could I pick up 12v power constant/switched and a ground back there also? If not...should I just plan on tapping the fuse box above and left of the brake pedal?
Thanks guys.
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For the ground you can just tie into the frame. The only switched 12v I know of back there is for the power antenna, but that is only on when the factory stereo is on. The only other wires back there are for the taillights, none of which are constant.
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