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I kept my MAF in the same place when I did mine. Not sure what the diff. is. Other than location.

Also, when you take the inner fender well out you should get down in front of the car to look if you can see through the front bumper all the way to the well. My bet is it is obsrtucted with plastic like mine was. I recomend taking as much of that out as you can. After the instalation I could look through the bumper and see the filter far back.

Less plastic=more air flow=happy car=happy driver

Mine was alot like Pauls. I also went with the rubber 90. This is the secret behind the entire project. It lets you snake past the battery and help get your proper position. Of course this is the secret of the 3" PVC do it yourself CAI. I am not sure about the secrets of the dryer hose method, custom bent metal tubing method, or the so called in the motor bay with a heat shield method.
Just never understood the last one.

If I can help just let me know. Jim
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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