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my first time post here.
I have 2 1989 lincoln continentals, both have the 3.8 essex under the hood. I know that they are not a Taurus or Sable but the continental is the closest thing to them.
One car has a blown engine, the other car has been wrecked,(fallen arches) but the engine is still good. so I would like to swap the engines out and make one good car.
so i could really use some of the advice from some of you kind folks here on swapping engines. this is my first attempt at a ford tranverse engine. its not looking as EZ as an old chevy nova would have been, if you know what I mean.
I have the Haynes manual and Chiltons. but they don't express the true knuckle busting grunts that go into a project such as this.
so I ask you, any good pointers out there?

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Buy the mechanics CD manual off of ebay. It will run it by you step by step on how to remove and install an engine.

BTW, welcome to our club. The Continental really is just a large version of the Taurus and Sable. It's like a step above the Sable.
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