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We drove 100 miles and when i stopped, we smelled that oh-oh it's antifreeze smell.

I had just flushed the system in May, new cap on reserve bottle and new antifreeze.

Open the hood and the reserve bottle is empty and dirty...drive to auto zobe for a new reserve bottle and head down the road to find a cool spot to change it.

Suddenly the car starts slowing and the rpms are the same...transfluid is HOT...OH NO...

I pull to the shoulder and the reserve bottle looks like old faithful spewing BROWN mud everywhere.

Once it cools I change the reserve bottle and add 2 gallons of premix..

It won't start...after several tries the reserve bottle is empty and when I open it there is a big release of pressure--though I only turned it over 2-3 times..


Driving from auto zone, I left the cap off the reserve bottle--did this create a problem?

When I removed the original reserve bottle, it was filled with muck like dirt...Did something else fail> THe system was flushed, so where might this muck have come from?

NOW the 64 thousand dollar question--

Do I rebuild or replace?

The car was getting nearly 30 mpg on the freeway and 25 in the city.

We really like the car and refuse to give it up...:wub:


Tim and Mary


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Obviously, see if you can locate a freeze plug problem. This would not cause a misfire, though. You may want to pull the spark plugs and see if any have coolant on them. That would cause a misfire and indicate a head gasket issue with that cylinder.
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