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I Just Nailed A Blown Tire...

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Alright, I was getting onto 152; and as i was coming up i saw a tire (it was night) I had no time to swerve and avoid, so I had to hit it. Well, somethign underneath my car ('01 SES) is now rattling. I noticed taht some metal around the resonator is bent. The resonator itself appears ok, but it definately is rattling, and the impact sounded bad. I'll try and post some pics tommorow.
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I hope that blown-out tire was off the rim... :eek:
Tuesday I was driving up the New Jersey Turnpike on the way to see POD and Blindside, and a truck blew a tire like 50 yards ahead of me. Needless to say, I was going somewhere in the neighborhood of 75-80 mph, so I was really difficult to get out of the way, but I didn't get hit too badly. Most of the stuff I got hit with was just small crap flying up, but the truck in the lane next to me got slammed with a 4' chunk of the stuff.

I hope everything is OK with the car. If you want to find out what's rattling, you could jack up the front axles of the car and run the car in drive, you'd be able to hear any rattles, and you can diagnose the problem.

If your exhaust system got hit hard, I would check the weld at the Y pipes. I don't know of the weakness on the Gen4's, but me and a couple of other gen3ers have had the weld break, and mine broke without any type of external force (ie, all engine vibrations.) It produced quite a loud metal-to-metal rattling noise, and was fixed (for free!) at a local muffler shop.
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