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I Got Pics

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I got pics of my 99 SE yesterday and they are now on my computer, well one is, im waiting on the other few, but the pics are so big.

So here is what i need. I need someone to tell me how to resize them to a smaller size.....plz n ty
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Use a program such as Photoshop, or Paint Shop Pro, and I believe it might be under view?!? I'm not too sure, but look for something that says resize image, and make it whatever size you need.
If you have the latest .NET Framework I wrote a program specifically for creating thumbnails of pictures that link to the full images. It even generates all the code if you want (assuming that you uploaded them somewhere).

Even if you don't want the program, it's recommended you keep your Framework up-to-date. Here's some more info:

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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