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For disclosure: I don’t work for the yard and won’t make any money if you go buy it, I’m just sharing in case anyone needs parts...

I was at Joliet U Pull It yesterday and saw an SHO in the yard so I snapped a couple of pics. Don’t know why it’s there or how many miles are on it, I only got close enough to see that the engine looked to all be there. The price list I picked up shows V6 engines are $265 and a V8 is $290 (I don’t remember which this motor is). They are a U pull it yard with an engine hoist available and the counter guy told me engines are As Is.
No, I’m not gonna go back and get xx part for you, I’m not gonna buy parts and sell them; I’m probably not even gonna answer questions about this. I’m just passing the info along: do with it what you want. You now know what I do about it...


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