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I seem to have a strange problem with the air-conditioning on my SE. The car has duo climate zones. On days when it’s above 80°F, this seems to be when I have the most problems with cooling the car especially when I first get in when the car has been outside in the hot sun.
I notice that the outside temperature typically is drastically low around 56°F (it is very) instead of displaying the correct outside temperature. The dealer tells me that this outside temperature gauge has nothing to do with the inside air temperature, but it’s hard for me to believe this. I will drive the car and it will be unbearably hot and this outside air temperature gauge will just sit there at 56 for instance for 20 minutes as I’m driving and then all of a sudden it will start slowly going up and at the same time the air conditioning fan increases in speed and the car quickly gets cool off. Within about two minutes or less the outside air temperature will indicate the correct outside air temperature and the inside temperature of the car is drastically colder.
This happens time and time again but the dealer insists that the outside air temperature has nothing to do with the inside air temperature of the car.
Anyone have an idea?
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