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Sometimes my car seems almost stall when I am waiting for extended periods ~1minute. But I usually end up moving by the time it stalls, so it hasnt stalled yet...Until today I get on my drive way and I purposely leave the on to see if it will ever stall. I put the car in park, and the thing just dies
Dont know whether or not to be mad that it stalled or happy that I didn't wait an hour for it to happen.

Any way to test the IAC? I know at traffic lights when waiting for a while, the temp sometimes gets high and the gauge can fluctuage by at least a mm within a second. Anything else to look for?

I'm thinking of taking my intake manifold off to clean it. Is carb cleaner safe to use?

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I am sure you can backprobe one of the wires to see how much voltage is running through it. Pull it off anyway and see if the plunger is gummed up. It's very easy to see if the IAC is clogged (Which is probably is). If it seems to be in working order, goto the MAF, and make sure your cooling fans and coolant level is good (You mentioned high heat).
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