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How To Remove Trim Around Radio On Gen Iv

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Hi Group. Does anybody know how to remove the trim around the radio? I have tried pulling and it will not budge. Do I have to remove the radio to get the trim out? Help would be appreciated.
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Yes you do. There are a myriad of screws for you to fiddle with. You need to remove the 4 or so directly around the radio, as well as a few more.

Are you trying to get to the cluster? Why do you need the trim just around the radio gone?

I am trying to remove the UGLY wood trim around the radio. I want to replace it with the nice looking wood trim from the 2004 Sable.
pics of wood trim plz
sable '04 back headlights are awesome..it looks like different car!
You need to pull the radio to get at 5 bolts. There are two more at the bottom. I don't remember if they are behind the ashtray, or at the back of the cubby. You may need to remove the trim piece that is to the right and below the steering column, I can't remember.


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Thank you eCAR for the photo and directions.
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