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I need to measure the resistance on MAF.
This is what happaned, as you recall, I have pinging issue so I decided to clean MAF and used TB cleaner then contact cleaner.
I believe, when I was cleaning it, I messed it up because right after I inherited new problems like high , shakey idle. RPM is pretty much steady littel higher actually (1000K) but car shakes like crazy when idles every morning. Feels like exhaust sputters.

Anyways, I wanted to measure the resistance before I moved for to replacement.
I looked at Haynes but could not figure it out how to do it. To me it is not clear.
May be I lack of ground concept.
If instructions are clear I can do that like I did on IAC and came up 11.9. But this MAF instruction was fuzzy. How do I spot ground wire in the plug?
Or any one of you guys measured the resistance?
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