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I need to find a used tranny for my '91 Sable 3.8.

The online lookups are giving me two choices; I don't know which one mine is.

How can I find out if my application is w/ID F1DP-CA or w/o ID F1DP-CA?

If it's an ID found on the tranny, then I'm sunk, as my failed tranny is actually a 3.0 unit (which never worked quite right and was constantly at odds with the PCM (DTC 647: incorrect gear ratio)). Perhaps that contributed to it's demise.

My choices are:

A.T., 6-232 (3.8L), w/ID F1DP-CA
A.T., 6-232 (3.8L), w/o ID F1DP-CA

Regards... Mike
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