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Plan on selling the Taurus within the next year. Just wanting to see what YOU GUYS think it is worth.

2000 Taurus SE (bought new by wife)
Green exterior/ grey interior
80k miles
Power seat and pedals
10 disc CD changer
Power all

Inside: Immaculate
Outside: Immaculate minus two scratches on bumper, couple of small scratches on exterior and 3-4 hale dents
Tires: 75% tread

Has had Mobil 1 since 5k miles
Regular transmission flushes and filter changes (Last new tranny at 30k)
Documented oil analysis
All service documented by me
Tranny is solid, no slip
Uses NO oil
Gets 24-25mpg (hopefully more after Seafoaming)

Never been abused. Wife drove it for four years. It is now my commute car (60 mile one way interstate commute)

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

KBB Trade in excellent: $4,265
KBB Private Party: $6,020
KBB retail: $7,825

I'd like to get $6k for it now, or keep it for a year and minus any unforseen problems/ damage with around 100k miles I'd need to get around $4000-4500.
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