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How Many Taurus Can U See At A Walmart

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today i saw about 10 taurus in a walmart parking lot, i was like woah thats a lot of taurus in one spot, ive seen a few in and arround where i live, about 7 by out court house
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Originally posted by biteableniles@Mar 27 2004, 10:11 PM
People here actually go to Walmart? That place makes me feel dirty; the whole "evil company" vibe creapes me out, plus, the amount of little kids running around is annoying as crap.

I had to go there tonight (I didn't buy anything); I counted how many kids I almost ran over (8). I actually hit one on accident, he ran into my cart. His mother hit him for crying and dragged him away, it made me sad.
I agree, Wal-Mart's prices don't exactly attract the greatest kind of people. I see look at it this way. If you're budget won't allow it, shop there. If you can afford it though, shop somewhere else.
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