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How Many Taurus Can U See At A Walmart

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today i saw about 10 taurus in a walmart parking lot, i was like woah thats a lot of taurus in one spot, ive seen a few in and arround where i live, about 7 by out court house
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Originally posted by 2FST4U2C+Mar 27 2004, 08:33 PM-->QUOTE (2FST4U2C @ Mar 27 2004, 08:33 PM)
@Mar 27 2004, 08:30 PM
hell you can't miss a taurus even if its somewhere for sale,
i saw a really nice g4 taurus sho forsale, prob cause of the cam deal,
but it looked like a million dollars
I hope you meant gen III, there were no genIV shos, the closest thing to an sho in the 4th generation is the SES Sport, but that is mostly an appearance package.
When I am out I cannot go more than two minutes without seeing at least one Taurus or sable [/b]
Mostly an apperance package? It IS an apperance package!
I'm perfectly calm. :p I guess I should have added a smiley so it didn't seem like I was upset or something.

Anyway...back to your counting people.
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I never got how so many people could put the H on the end. The engine bay says DURATEC in perfectly clear lettering.



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