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heloo everyone
I had to get a replacement used fender for the old grey mare, they said it was the same shade/
it was not. so i will have to get it painted. but that made me wonder how many shades of grey / silver are there?
mine is a 06 dark titanium
what other shades do you all have ?which is the prettiest do you think?

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First off, how specific do you want to get:

i can narrow it down to general color, paint code, then year, then specific car, then specific trim level, then flake level, then Valu-Shade level.

Second off, and to answer your OP:

i can tell you that light and fading and clear-coat consistency and/or quality after all the weathering is gonna be a factor here. its like on my truck that i repainted the passenger's rear quarter panel:

it looks better, darker and "wetter". Because everything is new. the rest of the truck's condition is older, and has been battered by weather and the elements; heat, cold, etc. therefore, its easy to tell what has been fixed

i'm guessing the fender you bought and the color of your car are around the same. however, when you get right down to the very damn atoms of it, EVERY shade of the same color is different, some to the point not even regular computers could tell, its because of the exact variables at the exact INSTANT the BODY AND STRUCTURE was surfaced/primed, painted and cleared. thats the first issue there.

second, there is the issue of the condition of the panel you copped, like entirely what it's been through over the years. if the clear coat is the only thing that has been affected, then just get it re cleared. unless the shade you have and the shade of the fender are like night and day, like dark titanium and silver frost, kinda.

Results limited to Manufacturer color, general color, value shade, year and Effect:

Medium Titanium metallic : code 6442
Titanium Brown metallic : code 6523
Titanium Frost metallic : code 6534
Medium Titanium metallic : paint Code YG

then Ford Europe colors for 2006 are:

Titanium gray metallic :code 30B
Titanium gray metallic :code 38B (effected)

Anything else? i could match your paint down to two or three alternates, sprayed through most DuPont paints and auto finishes if you want.

Shady_J :ford:

EDIT : holy christ, i :type: all that? :blink:
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