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How Fragile Are 1G Sables?

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Just want to find out. I only had 1 (one) dent on my car, right above the driverside turn signal (left turn light) that was about the size of a quarter, went out to get something out of my car today while at work, and noticed I now have another dent, only this one's not that small. its some where between a foot to a foot and a half, almost creased, on my driver side door, I don't have anything around my car that I could have hit it on, so I guess someone slammed their door into it before they weged the damn shoping cart under my driver side mirror hard enough to loosen it. the thing that gets me, is that it doesn't look like they just knocked their door against my car but more like slammed, or kicked it open into mine. the moulding is bent, and the dent is almost a crease in the metal, but its definately a door (the angle and hight)
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Thanks to whoever responded. I didn't think they dent that easy.
FYI, I slid into a concrete wall at about 35 mph on a rainy day and I just cracked the bumper ;)
not bad. I just hate the fact that I know have a Ugly crease in my Driver door. it even bent the moulding. I'll see if I can get a pic of it tomorrow. makes me depressed, the paint looks like s*** anyway, but I know its cheaper to paint it than it is to remove dents and then paint. ugh. People have no respect for other peoples cars. I try my damndest not to even let my door touch someone elses car.
I hit a Saturn.

The tow truck guy drove my car onto the truck.

No more Saturn.

Sable = :)
Have had no problems with my 86 Taurus, and my Parents 89 Sable, now their 02 taurus, that's another story..... dents all along the body where the fold is there.. from vehicle doors hit into it
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