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My 2000 Taurus has almost 253,000 miles on it and I believe that it is not ready for the graveyard yet. I went to one of the local pick n pull junkyards a few weeks ago. They had about 10 Taurus’ there, but only 1 had more miles on the odometer than mine. I believe in keeping my car until it cannot go any further. What are your deciding factors on when to the put the old bull in the graveyard?
We have a 97 sedan, with a little over 150K miles. I won't say this car has been trouble free, but with pages of repairs, it soldiers on. I imagine the end will come if someone hits it and the damage is considered a 'total'. After the tranny rebuild a few years ago, I have every confidence in the motor. The rust is creeping up bad from the bottom edges, mostly cosmetic. TBD.
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