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My '04 Sable DOHC had 281K mostly trouble-free miles and I was committed to driving it as long as I could; despite having serious rust in the rockers and wheel wells. One afternoon this past September when returning from my local U Pull that I have depended on to keep this car on the road, it just suddenly wouldn't move in any gear. I was pretty sure it was the dreaded torque convertor splines that were stripped, so coasted to the side of the road and called U Pull to come get it. Had already decided that this or an engine failure would be my signal to finally surrender it to the junk yard gods. There seems to still be a steady stream of Taurus/Sables coming into that yard, but even after 2-3 mos of sitting there, I've noticed hardly any parts are pulled from any of them these days. Then, it's off to the crusher....
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