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Well one -? degree day my battery was dead, went to pop the hood to jump it and the hood pop snapped right off at the handle. I pulled the carpet back, got some wires to show enough to yank and pop it. I think id be good just pulling those wires with pliers. Well all the metal wire pieces have come out of the plastic sheath now and theres really no wire left inside the car at all. Thats what i get for not fixing it right i guess.

So i really dont know what to do here. I called a couple shops and they want 70 or more to pop the hood. When i asked what they had to do they had no idea. I obviously cant remove the bumper without the hood popped. That and theres no grill to reach my hand through. Some have told me to reach from under the car and disengage that. Obviously sounds easier then it is. First off do you guys really think someone could reach up high enough from the bottom of the car to grab on to the hood latch assembly? even if i could grab onto the thing, what in the world would i have to do to get it to unlatch?

I'm literally to the point of considering cutting the hood open. Dont know where to go from here. Please help me, i need my car for work.

Don't cut the hood open!

You'll probably need to jack the car and get underneath it. You'll have to find the latch cable and disconnect it so you can pull on it from underneath, or try and reach up to the latch from under the front. If you really can't find another way to do it, cut out part of the outer cable and make your own access point somewhere along it, you might have to replace it but that's cheaper than getting a new hood. I haven't ever forcibly opened a hood on a Taurus so I'm not sure of the exact process to do it.
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