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Holley Ignition Module For Tfi

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has anyone used this module before? i think accel has one but i'm not sure.

i'm doing some work on the ignition and i got to thinking about the module...its about the only part noone seems to mention. why? (unless i've missed a meeting!)

its about 50 bucks and i think it would help any aftermarket ignition parts i'll put on later.

what about ignition boxes.

accel, msd, holley, jacobs, they all have them. would using one be practical or a waste of time and money? i have a 92 vulcan power GL and i'm looking for ideas and/or opinions on spark boxes before making a decision either way on getting one (or not).
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Honestly, the ignition box will be a waste of money unless you have other power adders that necessitate it. (turbo, nitrous, supercharger, etc).
do you mean a multi-spark module, like the MSD DIS-4? I think that a DIS-4 would help with emissions, and give a few extra ponies. Just armchair wrenching, though.

I've looked into the Jacobs electronics Ford DIS for the Taurus (PN 331391) and it looks the most promising I've found. Same benefits as the MSD just with a wiring harness that connects to your stock coil and computer. I just ordered one and it's backordered so I'll have it in two or 3 weeks. I think I need that time to find a suitable location to mount it under the hood cause those ford engineers didn't leave any nice 8.5x6x3 inch box shaped areas under the hood anywhere near that duratec.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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