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High Speed Cruise Control - 115 mph

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I was using cruise control successfully during my Nevada Open Road Challenge at 115 mph. I would cycle between 114 and 115. I had an iphone app that showed speed to .1 mph. I was nearing the southbound finish and decided to put the cruise control at 114 mph and just use the throttle to touch it a little without worrying about slowing down too much. I as about 180 msec behind. But when I got on the gas nothing changed. The high speed cruise control had full control of the throttle with no action by me. By the time I figured this out, I turned off the cruise control, floored it and picked up 60 msec going through the southbound finish at 117 mph.
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Good to know, although I dont think I would ever use cruse control at 115 mph :)
I was using it because I was working to average as close to 115 as possible. I had an app on my iphone to give me speed to a tenth of a mile per hour, so I would set it on 114.7 and 115.7, for example, and move back and forth between them every now and then. Was running around 3000 rpm doing 115, but if I started going up hill, then it would downshift and go up to 4600 rpm.
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