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Picked up a 2005 Sable Wagon 3.0-liter DOHC Duratec a couple of years ago at a charity car auction.

It was possible for prospective bidders to start the vehicles in the lot. This car purred and seemed pretty solid, but the instrument panel was partially dark and there was no odometer showing. There were assorted minor dings, and the front clip was missing a chunk. Listed as needing rear brakes, too. And, let's face it, this is not the sexiest of rides.

All that might have dissuaded people from bidding, but I'm a gambler.

After all fees and graft I got it for $1750. Quickly found and replaced the blown panel fuse and discovered mileage at 155K. Last issue was a short that continually blew out the AC fuse, which I still haven't bothered to fix.

The Sable ran like a dream and has hauled all manner of stuff for me since. I'm invisible to police. Chicks continue to ignore me, but they were doing that before I switched rides, so their loss :D.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with how it's all worked out, and thanks for having me!

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Welcome to the club! :)
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