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ey all,

I have a 1990 Gen 1 SHO 160K miles and it was running great until one day I noticed that it stuttered and then it progressively got worse. Now it seems like when it is under load / accelerating it stutters and seems to really struggle. Once I get above 3 - 3.5K rpms it doesn't have any of these issues anymore. It almost acts like i'm lugging the engine when at low rpms. Before this happened I did have a small trace of gas while driving but that seems to be gone now, although I don't drive it as much because of this issue.

- Rough idle and can see on tac fluctuate <100 rpm
- While accelerating at low RPMs the car will hesitate / jump and seems like it completely misses. This is usually between 1k-2500 RPMs then at higher RPMs it steadies out.

MAF sensor
DIS sensor (mechanic recommended replacing this)
Cam shaft positioning sensor

My spark plugs are relatively new (<10k miles) and clean. Fuel pressure was checked and said it was okay. It doesn't have any problems starting up while hot or cold. Has anyone experienced this issue or have any idea what is going on I would greatly appreciate it!



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Check your vacuum hoses, especially the one leading to the fuel canister. On my '94 GL, it had deteriorated badly. Your gas smell suggests the fuel canister is not venting properly, probably due to a broken vac. line. A broken vac. hose will cause a vacuum leak, which is most pronounced at idle and low throttle positions, causing all sorts of imbalances in your intake manifold, PCV valve, EGR valve, MAF sensor, TPS, etc.
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