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ok i took my 97 taurus to trusty autozone today and they ran my computer scan for me! and they failed to explain or tell me wut the hell these codes mean
can anyone help me please? p0402 exhaust gas recirculation flow insufficent detected, p 0420 catalyst system efficiency below threshold, and P1744 torque converter clutch (tcc) system mechanically stuck in off? please can anyone help me please let me know it would be very appreciated!

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p420 means that cat is not working as it should, could be a contaminated cat or a very ricjh mixture. Pull the plugs on the the firewall side of the motor sto see if they are carboned up.

Possible causes:

Use of leaded fuel.
Oil contamination.
Cylinder misfiring.
Damaged HO2S.
Damaged ECT sensor.
Downstream HO2S wires improperly connected.
Fuel pressure too high.
Damaged exhaust system pipe.
Damaged exhaust manifold.
Damaged muffler/tailpipe assembly.
Damaged catalytic converter.

Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) P0402 indicates that Self-Test has detected EGR flow at idle.

Possible causes:

EGR valve stuck open.
EGR vacuum regulator solenoid vent plugged or iced.
EVR circuit shorted to GND.
EVR circuit shorted to VREF.
Improper vacuum hose connection.
Plugged/pinched EGR Vacuum Regulator Solenoid vacuum hose.
Plugged EGR tube.
Damaged EGR Vacuum Regulator Solenoid solenoid.
Pinched/iced pressure hoses.
Damaged Differential Pressure Feedback EGR (D.P.F. EGR) sensor.
Damaged PCM.

P1744 TCC Excessive slip detected. (California ONLY). Excessive slip detected during full TCC engagement. Torque converter disengaged. EPC pressure at minimum. May activate MIL.

Just had this on my '97. It was a bad TCC solenoid.
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so wut do i do about the tranny code how do i fix that? my car runs great get great gas milage and runs like a dream
You are going to have to determine the cause. In my case the TCC solenoid coil read a very high resistance around 50 ohms. It should be around 20 or less. They had to replace the solenoid. $430.00
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ouch 430.00 dang wut will this solenoid cause my car to do?
If the solenoid is bad it will not lock up the TC. On mine when the car was cold it worked OK but after driving for a 1/2 hour or so the TC would unlock at highway speeds and then not lock back up.

The part is only $25, labor is the rest.
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