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ok i got the needles for my gauges off, and i put them back on, but now all the needles are screwed up. like my gas and temp point striaght up, and my tach is point straight down and when i push it back to 0, it wont move. how do i fix this, and how much
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Take the dash apart again and remove the clear plastic cover. Remove all the needles and very lightly reinstall them. warm the car up and put the needle where you want. The gas too put where you want and what you think is right. A good way to judge is the low gas level light. It should come on at about 1/8 tank.

The rpms on a fully warmed engine should be in the neighborhood of 800-900.

The speedo you will need to set with a stop watch, the odometer and some mile markers on the interstate.

60 mph = 60 seconds to the mile
55.4 seconds = 65
51.4 seconds = 70
48 seconds = 75
45 seconds = 80

When you get it steady (with the cruise) seat the needle good.
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Originally posted by '91Taurus@Jan 25 2004, 02:48 AM
I kind of have that problem, but only with my tach. Whenever I'm driving, WOT or not, the needle only goes up to about 3200 RPM, and then starts going back down. It fixed itself once, and quit working the next day. Why?!? How can this be fixed?!
Sounds like a bad electrical connection.
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