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Help With Push Rods

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I just ran into a HUGE problem with my aftermarket morana roller rockers, they dont open the valves at all !!!!!!!

i compared how much they open up the valves compared to the stock valve lifters and the stock ones open the valves WAY more, which seems to be due to the fact that the pushrods seem to be short for this roller rockers !!

so can you guys tell me where i can find a place for custom length push rods?? also
any recommendations on where to find a adjustable lenght pushrod to figure out how long of a push rod do i need to compensate for the roller rockers.

Thanks for any help, oh yeah dont have time or money to send the roller rockers back to morana since he is way up there in canada and im in cali.

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I'd say get a hold of RGR from V6P, he's who i went to for my cam and Pushrods, he should be able to help you out. [email protected]
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