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Help With Identifying Coolant Leak Below Coil Pack

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I have noticed a coolant leak in my 92 Ford Taurus coming from the brace holding the coil pack in place.
I took the coil pack off and noticed a circular indention on the engine block and 4 tiny holes where coolant is coming out. I do not know if this is considered cracks or an indication I have a head gasket leak and those holes are to expel water where it shouldn't be. I hope I am making some sense to someone out there.
Am I making the right assumption the water is coming out of the engine block and I also need to change the gaskets?

EDIT: I have checked my oil as well and that looks fine so it doesnt appear that water is mixing with oil.
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Just found out what the leak is from, it is a Freeze plug that has been eaten away by rust in the cooling system.

I am so happy it isn't a crack in the engine! :banana:
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