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Help With Gauge Needle

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Hey guys, from the previous post, I did the white face gauges on my car. It's all good now, but I took off the old gauge needles, and I need to re-position them to their correct position. How do I do this? Do I guess?? Let me know, any help is greatly appreciated. I know it was a dumb Idea to take em off. But I did it before I realized I shouldn't have. Let me know, thanks guys
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I guess its too late now, but to keep the alignment of your needles, youd need to take the little plastic pin that the needles rest on and let them drop to their natural place. Then you'd tape a piece of paper behid it and mark off where the needles rest (making sure that you know where to put that piece of paper back when you install the new gauge face)...
Yeah, I got it now... it might be a little off... but not to the point where Im going to notice it. Well anyhow, thanks for your help
You can drive around with the clear panel off the dash and get the needles reading where you want. I did this to calibrate my speedo after the final drive change.
i had the same thing happen to me. i just took the needles off and the clear cover and went down a long straight street with my friend and had him honk when we hit 30 so i set my cruise control and just popped it in. the gas is easy, just go fill up the car and put the needle in on full and then wait for the car to get cold i mean like a whole 4-5 hours then turn in on and put it at the Cold. or you can buy a new speedometer and swap it out then use the tutorial for rolling back the numbers
I have a GPS reciver, and I used that to re calibrate my speed-o
I have done the same thing with my car... I pulled out my gauges to put on my silver back plating on my 96 sable. The only problem was that my dash was working only half the time. What I did was that I bought a used gauge cluster from a salvage yard and I took the plastic cover off of it and the needles. Then I put the new plates on it and I started the car. The fuel was full, so that was easy to mark, the temp gauge I had set it to cold since the engine was started, then the tach I set just below the 1000 mark since I knew that it idled at that RPM. Then finally I followed a friend down the road that had an accurate speed and synchronize it at his speed (60mph). Then I put the rest of the dash together.
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