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Hey, my friend has a 95 Cutlass Supreme.

He has been having a problem with battery drain. It is a few years old, however after getting a charge on it, and turning on the headlights, there wasn't a significant voltage drop to suggest it is going bad. The alternator was charging right around 14.5. There is definitely a parasitic power drain, and I am thinking it is the locks.

When he shuts the car off, the power locks pop to unlock the doors; however, sometimes they do not stop running.

I did some reading, but the w-body forum encompasses so many different vehicles I could not find an answer related directly to this car, so I am hoping somebody here might have first hand knowledge or have experienced this.

How can I disable the power door locks? I did pull one fuse, but when he puts it in gear or shuts it off they still work. :dunno:

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