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Anyone with a 2002 car knows when you unlock the doors with the keyless entry. Lights come on under the mirror ..( this link show the mirror


I want to know how do you take off the cover and can this builb be change....

Please help .....

my Email is [email protected]

Ps. What my gole is, I got blue neons all over the car and i want to replace the builbe under the mirror to a bright blue one. just for looks ....
The lamps assemblys are removable with a flat head screwdriver 2 tabs one on eather side of the lamp you may have to fiddle with it to get it out. My 2003 ses one lamp assembly has spade connertors (the assembly looks like you replace the unit) the other has a silicone soket whch has a replaceable bulb. I am trying to changs the lamps to blue led. havent has luck locating the replaceable one
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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