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Help! Will This Size Tires Rub In The Back?

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I got my credit card whipped out! All I need is somebody to confirm to me that my setup will work (or even better, one of you has it working already).
I want to get BFGoodrich's Traction T/A 235/55-16 tires on ASA JS1 Silver w/Machined Lip 16x7 rims with offset at +42mm.

Do you think these babies will rub in the back? I am not as concerned about them rubbing when I turn the wheel all way to either side, how often does that happen, I am concerned with them rubbing if I have a heavier load in the back.

"spridget" had this to say before, but I would like to get another opinion on this, since if I do use spacer, I would need to have different studs:
"You may need a 3/16" (4.75mm) spacer to prevent rubbing with a 235mm wide tire at 42mm offset. Closer to 35mm offset is better for that size tire, the spacer would basically give the wheel 37.25mm offset. However, it may work without it, but I am not sure. "
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I don't know about the size but I put a set of traction TA's on my car last friday and I am really liking them

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you should not need new studs with a 3/16" spacer.

As long as the lug nuts make about 6 complete turns before touching the rim, you will not need studs.
Are you adding these 235s on the stock 5 spoke Taurus rim?? Cause if so.... I doubt it would work on that 6 inch rim. On a 7 inch rim? Yes, but not on the Stock Premium 5 spoke rim. Cause I got 225/55ZR16s on my Sable with the 5 spokes. Its really wide, and it was a B**** getting on the rim...lol, but Im good! LOL. But a 235/55R16 would work on a Sable or Taurus, but you're cutting it close. I think 235 is the widest you can go on a Taurus/Sable. Good Luck!!!
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