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hey guys my buddy just got a very old easy rider moped from his grandfather from like the 80's with the pedals on it....

its a 2 stroke, with headlight and taillight and everything, and he got it registered the other day.

it runs great now only problem is that it takes a bit to get up to speed, we figure its old and has had no maintence, but im not a bike guy at all so i dont know where to start.

we just want to increase acceleration and the top speed a bit just so it can stay in traffic it tops at 28 right now, and we just like to see 35mph maybe and a bit better acceleration, while not increase the loudness of it if possible because the thing is dead quiet.

so whos got some tips?

btw its centrifugal clutch, 2 stroke.

looks a bit like this but old and crappy, and it has nice bags on the back.

someone should point me in the direction of where to get wheels for the thing... its just like a bike tire almost but with the brakes in the front its got to be right so im not sure where to go.
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