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The taurus will most likely feel a little bigger inside then the accord as well. I sometimes think people have become to brainwashed with "Import good, domestic bad". The resell value of the Accord is artaficially inflated and the taurus is artificially deflated because of this (this is why you can get the used taurus much cheaper). Ever notice it's usually the Honda enthusiests that bad mouth the domestic sedans? As if they ever owned one! I say you at least owe yourself a test drive. If you really want performance, you could try and hunt down a Gen 3 (96-99) V8 SHO, otherwise a late model 24V DOHC Duratec is probably your best bet. If you are interested in fuel efficiency, the vulcan might be better, specifically the Fuel Flux Vulcan which allows you to run Ethenol rather then gasoline if you like.

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