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This looks just like my 96 LX, I bought a Harbor Freight pneumatic nibbler and measured about where the pump was. Carefully drilled a hole and using the nibbler cut an access hole then cut another slice to make it a bit larger. Using a screwdriver I tapped the locking ring to remove it. When removed the pump cover lifted up and the wire to the pump has a connector inside. Easy Peasy. Replace the filter to the new pump. Push in the new pump connector. I believe you get a new gasket for the cover. Use it. Tap in the lock ring. Now turn on the ignition, You Don't need to start the car. You should hear the pump running. If not you will need to troubleshoot.

Then go to Lowe's and get some galvanized sheet metal large enough for the hole you cut, and get a pop rivet gun from HF. Position the tin over the hole. Drill several holes and use a few rivets without setting them to hold the metal in place while you drill the balance of the holes. Caulk the steel around the perimeter and rivet holes. Clean the surface well before placing the steel over the holes. Align the holes and start placing all the rivet in the holes.

When all the rivets are placed, pop the rivets. Wipe up the oozed caulk replace the seat and you are done
This sounds easier than dropping the tank to me.
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