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here's the stats before I get started 2007 taurus 3.0L Vulcan
sorry for the semi long read
so a little over yr ago it started with a P0191 so I put a new FRPS it was fine for a couple weeks then it came back with misfires on 1,3,6 so I did a complete tuneup @ 70K good for a few month's I go on holiday! for 2 weeks. while I'm gone another of my employees is driving it. so work has towed to a mom & pop mechanic shop that I know well. anyway they diagnosed it as a bad pump. ok works fine for 3mos starts doing the same I take it back & put another pump in it (under warranty )
FAST FWD to 2 most ago car drives great loads of power idles great but if you drive it around town doing my normal day to day it starts to lose power stutters & dies pull to the side of the road turn it off & start it up all is pack to normal for a few hrs or sometimes 20 mins but always Starts up and acts normal.

so codes the always follow p0191, p0420, p0430, p2196, p2197 p2198 when the P21........ show up its always accompanied by p030....... cyl 1,3,5,6 <---- never stores always pending..then poof gone never to be found,

so in the last two months this is a list for parts that have bee throw at it
so ( 2) FRPS , (2) fuel pumps, new plugs, wires , coil pack, Heatered PCV, ( 1 ) upstream 02, EGR valve ,EGR pressure sensor ( 6 ) new injectors , new MAF
checked the wiring on the FRPS no issues

thanks for you time & help in advance!
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