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OK, so I went to replace my cracked PS pulley and I can't get the thing off. I have it gnawed up to the point of not being able to drive with it and I can't hold the pulley still to get the allen head in there to turn it.

1. Are the allen heads to remove the pulleys reverse threaded??

2. Is there any good way to hold the pulley still while turning the allen head?

Thanks a lot guys! I am gonna have to call a tow truck in the morning if I can't get this figured out. :unsure:

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First of all they are not threaded, they are pressed on, what you need to do is get a power steering pulley puller...... that is the only way of getting them off

there is a grove on the pulley to accept the puller, and it presses on the pump shaft,

there is also an installer that threads into the pump shaft and pulls the puller or presses the puller back into place
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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