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Hi looking for some help. I have a 2000 taurus 3.0 ohv ffv that I am not sure what is going on with it. I was driving home and the temp guage went to the halfway point (which it nevr goes that high) so I know I had a problem. I keep driving home in hopes that I could get the car home to check it before it might overheat. Well the engine began to slowly loose power and I heard what sounded like valves or a rod knock. I also smeld coolant. I keep drive about a quart of a mile looking for a good place to pull off the road. As I started to come to a stop on the side of the road the engine stoped running. I had the car towed home. I found the water had come out of the top of the coolant bottle.

Quick history here, I had the coolant boil over about a month previous and took the water pump off and the thermostat and checked both. The water pump look almost new, and I just went ahead and replace the thermostat just because it was very cheap in price to put a new on. I just put the old water pump back on. The radiator is only two years old so I did not think that was the problem either. The only thing I did findd was the coolant bottle's upper small hose outlet was clogged. I unclogged it and all seemed to be fine untill now ( a month later).

After the car sat at home for about 4 days I got a chance to look at it.
I went ahead and turn the key to see what would happen.
I started and ran just fine. I only ran it for about 15 seconds just to be safe, incase water was on top of the pistons. But like I said the engine was locked up the night I had it towed.

I am thinking maybe the head gaskets are the problem. So i took the heads off today, and took the heads to the machine shop. The gaskets look to be fine and the machine shop said heads only needed a basic valve job due to some of the valves not sealing all the way. The said the heads where not cracked and where good. I told them to go ahead and due the valve job and resurface.

When taking the heads off I did find a very small amount of water in the egr hoses. Not sure what that indicates.

So long story short, I am going to put the rebuilt heads back on and flush the radiator and see what happens. The coolant is very rusty in color though. I has allways been rusty in color even after I flush it last month.

I bought some radiator flush from autozone this time, to see if that helps.

Oh there is no water in the oil. Oil level is perfect and looks great.

So I am still not sure If I put these heads back will it run ok and continue to run ok with out the coolant problem again? Just not sure what the problem is? ideas anyone?

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I would take the water pump off and flush with a hose through the two block access holes behind the water pump until the flow is clear. Then back flush the heater core.

Keep in mind, if the system is NOT holding pressure, it will overheat.
Things that could do this:
cracked degass tank
degass tank lid not sealing
leaks in heater bypass hoses and such.

There are TSBs on chemical flush.

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