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'94 Taurus GL, 3.0L

So here's what's going on, problem started when stopped at a light.

Sitting at light, engine started to run rough, check engine light on. Try to accelerate, car barely moves even with pedal almost
to floor, engine not revving up as with a slipping trans, just no power like plugged exhaust.

Now when I turn key to 'on' KOEO, cooling fan and fuel pump are constantly on. I plug in the code reader thing to get codes, check
eng light won't respond/flash, computer won't start diagnostics with things clicking on/off like it normally should.

So, I didn't think it was just a sensor. I replaced the engine control relay at the radiator with a used/good replacement - same issue.
Changed the computer control module with a used/good replacement (same OE #) - turned key to on, fan stayed off, fuel pump
primed 2-3 sec's as normal. Started engine, running fine, no check eng light. Turned car off to clean up to test run. When I turned
car on 2nd time problem was back - fan/fuel pump on constantly. Started engine, running rough/check eng light on.

What should I be checking/starting with to get to the root of the problem?

What would cause fan/fuel pump to be on constantly and not be able to access computer codes or initiate diagnostics by computer?



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Same issue with my 1994 3.8 l Taurus wagon


My 1994 3.8L Wagon just started doing the same thing. Did you find a solution? I am going to try to isolate by starting with fuel filter replacement.

I will let you known if I find a solution.


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Welcome to TCCA.

To the origional poster, sorry you didn't get a timely response to your plea for info.
To the first & second poster, maybe review this thread on a similar sounding problem.

Be sure to check the upper radiator support mounted IRCM relay box, it's electrical connector & wiring for damage, especially the IRCM ground connection at the upper radiator support location, it's on top close to the battery side. The battery has a B- wire there, the IRCM has 2 ground points there & this location is exposed to road salts & prone ro rust & corrosion. Also trace back, locate & check the 2 IRCM ground wires electrical connector, (it'll be down by the upper radiator hose, mine was hidden behind the hose & out of sight), as it often has corrosion to it's pins & sockets, or has been damaged by heat, so disconnect it & check it's electrical connections pins & sockets for damage or corrosion. For the IRCM to work properly, it needs a good tight, low resistance, ground connection.

If all that checks out ok, check the IRCM pin out voltages to make sure it's getting B+ where it's supposed too. There is a thread on it's pin out that a search will turn up.

If all that pans out, check the PCM wiring & passenger side firewall electrical connector for looseness, damaged wiring, loose, bent, corroded, pins or sockets & do a thump/wiggle test there & see if you can induce mischief. Check PCM's firewall ground connections too, they're close to the PCM connector, you'll see them.

If all that checks out ok, maybe suspect the PCM.

A bunch of thoughts for pondering, let us know how it goes.
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