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wanna know whats interesting. on Sat night. we saw the wagon pulled over by cops over on gratiot
rant mode on/

know what i hate? how ignorant alot of other people are of the SHO. i guess it's a rare car, but still when i hear stuff like, well 2nd gen's are all autos, it gets to me. i have heard from other people that they are RWD, or, nice car man, SHO has a 5.0 right??? oh well...

/rant mode off

sorry, it's been gettin to me for a while now
this one kid is telling me that his dad's 92 3.8 is faster than a 3.0 SHO cause it has a bigger motor. yup, thats right. aparently the bigger the engine the more power it has stock. good thinking right...... :lol2:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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