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1999 Taurus wagon, 6cyl 3.0l

Lots of reading online, got me to flush heater core, it ended up clogging again, only to realize it had radiator stop leak in it, flushed EVERYTHING for 2 hours, started/stopped engine 20 times(10 second runs), flush flush flush, flush heater core separately....


But I also discovered the heater door actuator had stripped the small gear in the gear box, so I disconnected it, and zip tied the flap in the full heat position until I can hit a junkyard.

ANYWAYS: I have heat now, its warm, but not HOT. The fans all run, and door flaps in every direction.

I put my hand on the plastic box where the heater core is(I assume) and its super HOT like the coolant hoses.

So I have 100% heat to HEATER CORE, just not in DUCTING/Vents.

Does the heat door actuator have any control on temperature? Could the fan on the heater core be bad? is there one?

Ive never messed with the vent system in any car...

IDEAS?! im going mad, this is my moms car, and winter is here, snow/freezing temp in 3 days....

Thank you!!
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