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I didnt see anything in the "wiki" on changing out a heater core.

Well there is no heat in my car which is a Gen3 98 taurus SE.

before winter hits, i need to get the heater core changed out. I know its not the actuators, because I can hear the "pitch" change of the blower as the air is being routed through the coils when i move the temp from cold to hot, and back to cold.

Dad said i would never get heat in this car, hes tried flushing the coolant system, and heater core, etc etc etc.....

So im assuming the heater core is shot, as the car doesn't overheat or anything, he said hes changed the thermostat, but personally I am not sure if he has or not. Whats the best way to check for a bad/stuck thermostat without ripping it all apart?

also, whats the easiest way to change out the heater cores in the gen3 98 taurus?
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